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DRAFT MOTION:                                                                                                                    

March 11, 2019


To address the desire for athletics excellence at Ravenwood High School by the students, faculty and the athletics booster clubs and to address a concern about Ravenwood Athletics Club’s (RAC’s) ability to sustain all-sports capital funding requests using primarily  “The school Raffle” and a golf tournament titled Raptors Classic, it is so moved by RAC to establish the Ravenwood Athletics Capital Excellence (RACE) fund.  This fund will be a restricted RAC account that is used only for major RHS athletic capital projects that are surveyed and needed by multiple sports, or that are funded by a blend of Booster clubs, PTO, RHS School Operations, grants, foundations, in-kind donations and WCS county funding.


This motion will carry with it these methods, operational details and restrictions:

The RACE accounts will have three primary funding methods:


  1. voluntary parent assessments requested by individual booster clubs to parents and sponsors,
  2. donations collected on the website, a tool that will be used to promote and communicate the vision and purpose of the RACE accounts, and
  3. legitimate WCS school board approved major sponsors, large donations, grants or foundational sources defined later that could assist.


The projects that will be funded by these RACE restricted accounts will be determined by a RACE Potential Projects Survey offered periodically to the booster clubs.  Boosters will be able to nominate projects and rank them all appropriately based on needs of all-sports.   The RAC Board will offer this survey at least once a year, and then report the results to the membership.  An example of the form was submitted during the January and February RAC meetings this year (2019).   The first survey is underway between January and early March 2019.  Results will be published once all sports have ranked the projects.


In order for a RACE project specific restricted fund to be set-up the following must occur:

  1. Any member of the RAC or RHS administration must define the project as follows: Project name and short description, estimated budget to complete, identify who it benefits, and then is it cash flow positive or not (estimate annual positive cash flow if applicable).
  2. A majority of the booster clubs will rank the RACE project as a top 5 need at RHS.  
  3. The WCS Director of Facilities will be advised of the request and the office will offer a budget and initial draft plan for its potential construction. A subsequent letter will be offered to RAC within 30 days after the request stating this project is approved or denied while also stating what does need to happen in order to fully implement the project. 
  1. The RAC Treasurer approves the set-up of the project’s restricted account, its description and use.
  2. A majority of the booster clubs at RHS will promote the RACE projects to their membership and ask parents for voluntary direct funding donations.   Collected funds will be deposited in the restricted accounts.
  1. Separate checks will be written to Ravenwood Athletic Club and then in turn collected and allocated within the respective account by the RAC Treasurer.  The placement of the money can/will be defined in the memo portion of the check by the donor.   If it is not noted by the donor then the RAC Executive Board can allocate the money to any Top 5 project.
  2. RHS Students and classes will be assigned the task to create visual and video content for the website to promote individual project(s) to potential donors and the RHS community.  The content will highlight past accomplishments at the school and promote the benefits of the RACE project(s) to the school community.
  3. Projects will begin once all funds are available in the account, or the WCS administration declares the project will be installed using the funds available.  Allocated restricted funds stay in the restricted accounts until the project is fully approved by all necessary groups.
  4. In the event a specific project is cancelled, restricted funds will be utilized for another Top 5 majority project as determined by the membership or returned to the RAC general account.
  5. Projects that are requested but do not make it to the Top 5 as voted by the sports booster clubs must be funded using the individual booster club’s funds or smaller groups of clubs and individual donations.  Or request funds from RAC following the current established guidelines for funding requests.

This is my first draft of where we can go next - POTENTIALLY. 


Kip Dodson